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Cycling Talk Podcast - The Ethan Vernon Episode

September 08, 2023 Georgia Season 4 Episode 19
Cycling Talk Podcast
Cycling Talk Podcast - The Ethan Vernon Episode
Show Notes

In this episode I am joined by British road and track rider Ethan Vernon.

Ethan started out riding and racing BMX, travelling around the UK and Europe as a child before switching to track and road as a teenager. 
At 17, Ethan represented Wales on the track in the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast giving him his first big games experience.  Since then Ethan has switched his focus between track and road before finding a way to balance both over the last couple of years. 
We talk about how it felt to head to his first Olympics in Tokyo at just 20, multiple European and World Championship races, the importance of racing the Tour de l'Avenir in helping him join SOUDAL Quick-Step and how it felt to recently win the Elimination Race World Championships in Glasgow.
Ethan also tells me about the highs and lows of track racing, his goals for the Olympics in Paris and his hopes on the road in 2024 and beyond with his new team, Israel - Premier Tech.

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