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Cycling Talk Podcast - The Alex Morrice Episode

August 25, 2023 Georgia Season 4 Episode 18
Cycling Talk Podcast
Cycling Talk Podcast - The Alex Morrice Episode
Show Notes

In this episode I am joined by winner of Zwift Academy 2022 and rider for Canyon SRAM, Alex Morrice.

After growing up playing netball, Alex joined the university triathlon club and found a love of cycling. Alex joined the weekly Zwift sessions with her workplace and was soon progressing with a coach and became part of the Skoda Academy to help with her development.
In 2022, Alex signed up for the Zwift Academy program and after making it to the final 5 she headed to Spain to compete in the final. Alex talks me through the process and how it felt to win the competition. 
We talk about Alex's first year as a pro with Canyon SRAM, the importance of a supportive coach and her goals for the future.

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