Cycling Talk Podcast

Cycling Talk Podcast - The Jed Smithson Episode

April 28, 2023 Georgia Season 4 Episode 9
Cycling Talk Podcast
Cycling Talk Podcast - The Jed Smithson Episode
Show Notes

This week I am joined by young British rider for Fensham Howes-MAS Design, Jed Smithson.

Jed  has been competing since a young age, starting out with Cyclocross before focusing more on the road and track. Since an Under 12 Jed has competed in the UK and Europe with races including Youth Isle of Man and Youth Assen Tour and has had some amazing results through his time as a youth rider.
After a strong end to youth racing in 2021 Jed joined FH MAS in 2022 as a first year Junior and has had some brilliant results with the team.
We talk about his progress in racing, competing at National, European and World Championships and the big goals that Jed has for 2023 and the future.
I'm really excited to see what Jed can do in his 2nd year as a Junior and his progress to the next level of racing.

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