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Cycling Talk Podcast - The Georgia Baker Episode

April 07, 2023 Georgia Season 4 Episode 7
Cycling Talk Podcast
Cycling Talk Podcast - The Georgia Baker Episode
Show Notes

For this episode I am joined by rider for Team Jayco AlUla, Georgia Baker.

Georgia grew up in Tasmania, Australia and quickly progressed her cycling career to represent her country at the Junior Road World Championships in 2012.
Combining Track and road racing since a Junior, Georgia has won numerous medals and titles in both and has represented Australia at 2 Olympic Games and 2 Commonwealth Games most recently in Birmingham where she won the Women's Road Race.
Throughout Georgia's career as a rider, she has also suffered from heart problems which have led to surgery and recovery but never stopped her getting back on the bike. We talk about the effects of SVT, recovering from surgery and how hard it is to be off the bike.
Georgia is currently recovering from more heart surgery back home in Australia and I'm very grateful to her for getting up early to record this podcast with me.

I'm excited to see that Georgia is back on the bike and getting ready to head back to Europe to carry on her 2023 road season.  

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