Cycling Talk Podcast

Cycling Talk Podcast - The Jens Dekker Episode

January 27, 2023 Georgia Season 4 Episode 2
Cycling Talk Podcast
Cycling Talk Podcast - The Jens Dekker Episode
Show Notes

For this episode I am joined by former Junior Cyclocross World Champion, Jens Dekker.

After hearing Jens commentate on the cross on GCN Eurosport this season, I really wanted to find out more about him and his life in cycling. I'm really grateful to Jens for chatting with me and I'm so glad to have heard his story.
Jens started out as a road rider before focusing on cross as a Junior where he won the Dutch National title, European Championships and World Championships.
Jens moved onto Under 23 with some strong results before illness and crashes affected his racing with poor health ending his cross career in 2020.
Jens now writes a blog where he reviews cyclocross courses and coaches youth riders as well as his commentary on GCN.
You can read Jens' blog here:

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